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Areas of Expertise

Our experience and expertise as trainers and educators covers the following areas:

Business Improvement Training

Short training programs aimed at improving the effectiveness of your internal improvement efforts by providing your staff with training in sound improvement concepts, methodologies, tool and techniques. The range of programs we can deliver include:

  • Business Process Improvement (2 days)
  • Work and Workflow Management (1 day)
  • Six Sigma and Lean Foundations Program (3 days)

These can be customised to meet your organisation's specific needs, including the development of organisation and industry specific case studies and examples.

Lean Six Sigma

Our training and development capability in Lean Six Sigma include: 

  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt Program (2 day program)
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Program (5 days)
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Program (5 days)
  • Lean Foundations Program (3 days)

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Management Development Programs

The following are available as standard programs or can be customised to meet the needs of specific clients:

  • Project Management
  • The Balanced Scorecard & KPI Development

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Professional Development Programs

Professional and techno-managerial programs, include:

  • Maintenance Management Best Practice Program
  • Maintenance Auditing, Benchmarking and Improvement
  • Shutdown and Turnaround Management
  • Process Plant Start Up and Commissioning

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