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Henley Management Group Pty Ltd (HMG) is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and the visitors to this web site as a safeguard and to maintain compliance with privacy legislation.

The following statement sets out HMG’s privacy policy and addresses common privacy concerns such as:

What personal information do we collect

HMG collects personal information about our clients and web site visitors only when sent such information by email or by completing forms and submitting them to us through the web site.

We also collect information through the use of forms on our web site or by email, to collect information for various surveys and data collection exercises to support our research activities in our fields of interest.

We collect standard server log statistics, although these do not identify specific visitors.

This web site does not use cookies to track users at the web site, except for the parts of the site associated with online buying of products. Cookies are used in this part of the site in order to facilitate the operation of the shopping cart and payment functions.

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How do we use personal information we collect

We use any contact information submitted by visitors in order to contact them and respond to enquiries, to send out marketing materials by mail and email when requested, and to promote services and educational programs unless visitors and clients have specifically required not to be contacted in this manner.

We use information collected through surveys as an input to our research, and usual make the results of such research available to our clients and/or through the web site. However, our research results always represent summaries of findings, outcomes, recommendations etc. and do contain any references to specific individuals who may be identified as the sources of specific information, unless those individuals have requested to be so identified and such identification fits the context in which the research is presented.

We use server log information to analyse site usage and as a source of input for further development and enhancement of the web site.

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Disclosure of personal information

HMG will not sell, rent, trade or otherwise supply to third parties any personal information about or clients and visitors to this web site.

HMG shall not intentionally disclose any personal information collected through this site to any other parties. Except where

  • it may be required by the laws, rules, or regulations of the applicable jurisdiction;
  • it is required in order to transmit or deliver information or other items to you;
  • you have given consent for it to be disclosed.

In addition, we will take reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorised or accidental disclosure of personal information to other parties through the implementation of generally accepted standards of technical and operational security.

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Links to other sites

Where we provide links to other sites as a service to visitors to our web site, be aware that the privacy policies of these third party sites will apply when viewing content at their sites. The HMG privacy policy will only apply to the HMG web site.

We will not be responsible for the content, information collection practices and privacy protection practices of such third part sites. Please view the privacy policy of any such sites when visiting them.

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Accessing personal information

You may access, view, correct, update and/or delete any personal information that we have collected about you through this site at any time. You may also unsubscribe from mailing lists at any time. To do any of the about, please contact out webmaster in the first instance at mzornada@hmg.com.au or through the contacts web page on the site. Alternately, you can write to us at Henley Management Group, 61 Carrington Street, Adelaide, 5000, South Australia.

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HMG has implemented generally accepted standards of security in order to secure the personal information of our clients and visitors collected through this web site and protect it from theft, loss, unauthorised alteration or destruction, or any other form of misuse.

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Changes to Privacy Policy

HMG reserves the right to makes changes and update this privacy policy as required to ensure continued compliance with all relevant privacy legislation in our jurisdiction and to comply with our own privacy protection standards.

When changes are made, the privacy policy on the web site will be updated to reflect these changes, so as to ensure that all visitors to this web site are aware of HMG’s privacy policy.

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By using this site, you consent to the collection, use and storage of any personal information collected by us as a result of your usage of this site, in a manner compliant with this privacy policy.

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